Striving to be the best decentralized exchange in the world.

LEVERJ is a decentralized cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform co-founded by CEO Bharath Rao and CTO Nirmal Gupta. The concept for the exchange was created in response to the lack of cryptocurrency exchanges that could perform like a traditional financial exchange while maintaining the critical function of security. With hundreds of millions worth of various cryptos disappearing from investor accounts on many of the top cryptocurrency exchanges due to hacks and mishandling of funds, Rao and Gupta took it upon themselves to identify a solution. What resulted is the mathematical “proof over trust” concept that defines the LEVERJ exchange.

LEVERJ's protocol defines a mathematically rigorous and pragmatic solution for a fast and reliable decentralized exchange at scale. Building on top of existing ideas like TrueBit and Plasma, the LEVERJ protocol, Gluon Plasma, takes a leap forward in facilitating exchange operations under trustless scenarios. It includes consensus and fraud proof against off-chain order book and ledger, which remains consistent with on-chain Ethereum based operations. Fault-tolerant and resilient the protocol accommodates measures against all possibilities of compromise and collusion, thereby providing all the benefits of Blockchain, without being constrained by its limitations.

Traders just have to focus on trading. Traders’ funds are safe. The exchange is fast and liquid.